2021 is a year of DeFi-projects BOOM.

New DeFi-projects are launching everyday, interests are changing all the time, some vaults and pools are quitting the game right now — and it’s really hard to stay up to date with DeFi-market.

That’s why we created this service — to help you to find a trusted DeFi-project with high interest for cryptocurrency and tokens investing. But first of all we created it for our own use — because as investors we know how long it takes to find a good DeFi-project, to monitor yielding percent and to reinvest income — it’s exhausting.

Remember that crypto-investment is risky, so we strongly recommend you to fund only extra-money and avoid funding unknown tokens even if it offers you 5000% APY.

If you want to add your DeFi-project or you have any ideas about improvement of our service — feel free to contact us.